Welcome to Lishmans LLP

3 December 2018

John and I are delighted to announce the merger of Westons and Lishmans LLP effective from 1 December 2018 and would like to welcome you to the enhanced firm.

John and I believe that our core values will work perfectly together to continue to provide you with the first class quality service you are used to, continuing to go the extra mile.

We are very happy with our agreement, in which all Westons staff are pleased to be moving to Lishmans and meet the new challenges ahead.

John and I personally wished and hoped to find a perfect fit for both clients and staff in this transition and believe that we have found this.

We have worked with John and his team to prepare for and to ensure a smooth and seamless change during which time we have become increasingly confident of the benefits the merger will bring to clients.

Lishmans are passionate about helping to grow businesses through careful strategic planning. With over 30 years of accountancy industry experience, they are committed to always giving the best advice to their clients.

Lishmans understands how important it is to surround yourself and your business with highly trained professionals who will work tirelessly to ensure that your accounts are as healthy as they can be.

Naturally, John will be supporting this change over the future months as he moves towards what I hope you will agree is a well-earned retirement.

John and I will be seeing you all to introduce myself and to thank you for your support for the past and to look forward to supporting myself and all at Lishmans LLP in the future.

I encourage all of our clients to view this site for further information, and to get in touch with us if you have any queries.

Westons and Lishmans are thrilled to be embarking on this new chapter and we are looking forward to working together to continue to support you and your company.

Gerard H Price
Lishmans LLP