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At Lishmans we’re proud to offer Accountancy apprenticeships, for both AAT and ACCA (for which we’re an ACCA Approved Employer).

Throughout the business, at all levels and in all departments, the development of our team is key to our success. We continually invest in ‘growing our own’ which means client experience is consistent from junior to partner.

ACCA Apprenticeships


Natalie Jackson joined Lishmans in 2017, having completed the AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting with her previous employer. Natalie already knew that she wanted to move on to high level study with the Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants (ACCA).

“Joining Lishmans helped to fill in the knowledge gaps I had in terms of accounts preparation, tax, and payroll and prepare me for my ACCA studies as well as my career development.

During my studies, I was given time away from work to study. This meant I could really focus on passing my exams. Not only was I given time, but I also received moral support and incentives to pass each exam.

Now I’ve finished my studies I’m starting to think about my career in the long term; Lishmans has opportunities for me to really grow as an accountant, which means I don’t have to find a new employer in order to achieve my goals. Instead I can focus on strengthening my skills and knowledge base, ready for my next steps.

Although I’ve learnt a lot so far, the company continues to help me learn new things, challenge me, and help me to grow.

Thinking about the whole journey for accountancy apprentices, Lishmans is a great place to start your career as you’re supported by a mentor and given relevant training as well as study support. The whole team are helpful, friendly and we have a lovely workspace.

To get the most out of the opportunity, an apprentice at Lishmans needs to show enthusiasm, be prepared to learn new things and take on new challenges”.

AAT Apprenticeships


Tom Hasted, MAAT, joined Lishmans as an apprentice after A Levels and completed the AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting.

“I have had a great time working at Lishmans over the last seven years, there is a great working environment with some great people. Lishmans is very supportive with your studies and ensures that you have all of the support you need. The senior staff are always more than willing to help.

I received study days from the company in order to go to college and take exams. Lishmans is  great at helping you manage your workload around your exams to ensure that you can be as prepared as possible.

I would definitely recommend Lishmans to anyone looking for an apprenticeship. It’s great that there are always a number of people in similar positions to you so there is a great support network throughout your journey.

If someone was thinking about joining the team as an apprentice I would definitely advise them to apply – it’s a great opportunity to earn money, get a qualification and experience in a professional accounting environment, all at the same time.”

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