Tax Investigations Service

Tax investigations can happen to anyone; whether you’re an individual or in business; however good your records, and even at random.

HMRC enquiries are being undertaken with an unprecedented level of detail and persistence. In 2017-18 HMRC collected £30.3 billion through compliance activity.

As you can imagine, HMRC investigations are immensely time consuming and highly stressful. Then there are the professional fees to carry the fight to HMRC.


We can’t take away the stress and anxiety of being under investigation, but we can remove the cost, and work to achieve the best outcome for you.

That’s why all clients benefit from automatic subscription to our Tax Investigations Service, which enables us to defend you in the unfortunate case that you are selected for an enquiry without worrying about the cost.

We’ve made sure that protection is affordable to all, with automatic enrolment at a cost of 2.5% of annual fees.

For this small charge, you can rest assured that you’re protected against the professional costs associated with an HMRC enquiry. The cost of not doing so, could be an unnecessarily high tax bill.

Please see the Service Summary for further information. Subscription comes with additional benefits, with 24-hours a day, 365-days a year access to the the legal helpline which provides unlimited access to an in-house team of over 60 qualified solicitors and barristers for employment law, health and safety matters and commercial issues.