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We provide a first class service to our clients when it comes to their accounting, taxation and business consultancy needs.


We approach accountancy in a personal and simple way so not to bamboozle you with terminology you’re not familiar with.

Keeping your accounts in order is key to any successful business, so when it comes to book-keeping you’re right to be searching for the most reliable yet affordable option. At Lishmans in Sheffield, we offer a vital service to our clients which includes producing the accounts in a cost effective manner, whilst giving accuracy for performance and taxations needs. We give you the tools to fully grasp what is required of you and your business from Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs. Plus, on top of all the regulations and accounting musts, having knowledge is power and knowing everything you can do to make your business even more successful. We’re here to help make that happen.

Business Advisors

We follow the business performance closely and communicate our finds and observations with our clients.

Having an ear to bend and a place to turn when you need advice in business is a valuable tool, and one we here at Lishmans will happily provide our clients. Being fully up to speed when it comes to your business accounts allows you to make the right choices and changes when you need to.
Our business consultancy will, where necessary, produce monthly / bi-monthly / quarterly or six monthly accounts, whatever it is that your company needs to progress.

At Lishmans we follow the business performance closely and communicate our findings and observations with our clients, including on how to advance on profits. Keeping track of strong business performance and profits allows us to prepare profit distribution for you, the owners of the business, tax efficiently and always ensuring the cash flow of the business can meet these drawings and tax liabilities whilst protecting the company’s working capital and future investment needs.

Tax Advisors

We ensure that each of our clients has the income to satisfy their lifestyle needs.

Taxation – a term that often causes concern and stress for business owners and largely from lack of knowledge and continually changing legislation. At Lishmans we have strong taxation policies that can be individually tailored to each person’s or each company’s needs. Our aim is to ensure that each of our clients has the income to satisfy their lifestyle needs and having comfortable tax payments. This all begins with accurate and detailed accountancy.

From our Sheffield office, whether it’s via email, phone or face to face, our team focus on teaching and equipping our clients with the tools they need to produce strong internal book-keeping enabling the accounts to be prepared as efficiently and hassle free as possible. Having the right financial foundations will allow us to follow the profitability, calculate the tax accordingly using a strong and legal taxation strategy within the current taxation framework.


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